Puncture Repair £15

(Fitted new inner tube, rim tape checked and tyre casing inspected)

Gear Service Level 1* £8

(Gear cables checked for wear, derailluer hanger alignment check, gears re-indexed, gear componentry checked for wear)

Level 2* £18

(As above with new inner and outer cables)

Fork Service Level 1 £40

(Full strip and clean, and rebuilt with fresh oil)

Level 2 £65

(As above, but with brand new seals, where available)

Wheel True £10

(Spokes and nipple £1.50 each extra - at time of truing)

Wheel Builds £35

(Double Butted DT Swiss Spokes)

Fork Fitting £12

(Cut to length and new star fangled nut fitted)

Drive Side Removal, Cleaning And Re-grease £20

Headset Replacement £12

Headset Service £16

(New bearings and grease)

Disc Brake Bleed singular £15

Disc Brake Bleed pair £25

Calliper/'V' Brake Service £10

(Full strip and clean, brake lugs re-greased, pads cleaned and resurfaced)

Disc Brake Service singular £30

Disc Brake Service pair £5

Rotors cleaned and trued, pads cleaned and resurfaced, fresh DOT 4 fluid, brake set up (DOT 5.1 £5 extra)

Disc Brake Overhaul singular £60

Frame Facing - Bottom Bracket & Head tube £30